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It’s time to close out the books and review the numbers for the year.  Let’s get it ready! (Your CPA will thank you!)

This service includes:

  • Direct collaboration with CPA/Tax Preparer
  • Adjusting Entries
  • Confirm Accounts Payable
  • Confirm Accounts Receivable
  • Estimate Bad Debt Expense
  • Prepare 1099 Filings
  • Reconcile Cash Receipts
  • Reconcile up to 6 accounts for the year (up to 250 transactions per month)
  • Income Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Statement of Cash Flows


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We offer only those tax services related to Payroll tax withholding. By choosing to focus on our core areas of Bookkeeping, Payroll, Start Up, and Year End Wrap Up, we can offer our services at a rate that’s more affordable for you. It allows everyone- you, your income tax preparer, and Bookaholic Bookkeeping, to focus on our own respective specialties and provide the best service possible.  In addition, it provides a system of checks and balances to minimize the risk of human error. A Win-Win for everyone!