Confident you can do your own books?  Let us help you get started off on the right foot.

Simple Start Up


Your business is pretty straight forward- you provide the customer with a service, they pay you, and you give them a receipt. Done. We will set you up with the QuickBooks version that works best for you and customize it for your unique needs. You also receive two hours of QuickBooks training and free phone support for one month.


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Small Business Start Up

Two payments of $199

Cash flow can be hard when you’re first starting out, so at this level we offer two monthly payments of only $199.00. Your business is a little more involved; you may offer estimates and invoices to your customers, collect sales tax, and may have an account set up with your vendors or a business line of credit. You also want to customize the invoices you send to your customers. Maybe you want some other apps to track time, mileage, or other key items. You may even utilize subcontractors. We’ll take care of setting it all up in QuickBooks and work with you to customize your estimates and invoices to reflect your style. With three hours of initial training and three months of phone support, you’re off to a strong start!


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Full Service Start Up

Three payments of $179

You are ready for the whole package. Not only do you have everything in the Small Business Package, but you also have inventory, purchase orders, need to track classes (departments) and/or locations. It’s also imperative that you have a good budget. Maybe you even tried another accounting solution and want to switch to QuickBooks. We’ll transfer the data and help you get up and running with four hours of training and a full six months of phone support. To make it easy, we offer this service for three monthly of payments of just $179 each.

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All Start Up Packages include a 10% discount on your first Year End Service!