General Resources

Profit First

Mike Michalowicz aims to eradicate Entrepreneurial poverty. Disclaimer: Bookaholic Bookkeeping does NOT have a Profit First Professional at this time, but we implement it in our practice.  We love it and support you in becoming permanently profitable!

The Science of Success

“At the Science of Success, our mission is to unleash human potential.”

Dave Ramsey

How to become debt free in your personal life

Small Business Resources

Small Business Association

A wealth of information from planning your business to growing your business.

Small Business Development Centers

FREE help with business planning, loan offers, etc.


FREE business mentor and a wealth of workshops and information.  Seriously, check this out!


Federal Resources

Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

Not just taxes, but this is also where you go to file for a Federal Identification Number (FEIN) to start your business and become a Limited Liability Company.  (See What’s wrong with being a Sole Proprietor?)

Social Security Administration

Are you saving enough for retirement?  What if you, a loved one, or an employee becomes permanently disabled?  Find the answers here.


Ohio Resources

Sales Tax Exempt Certificate

Don’t have double taxation!  When you are purchasing an item you will be reselling to a customer, you are exempt from sales tax.  Give this form to your vendor and stop  paying taxes you don’t owe.

Taxable Services

Are you supposed to be charging sales tax?  Double check here.

Ohio Business Gateway

Come here to pay file for a vendor’s license, pay your Sales Tax, and lots more!